Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry at Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church accepts, serves, and encourages youth of all different perspectives helping them to do Christ's work in the world by becoming their true selves.

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Misfit Mornings – Sunday Morning Small groups in Carpenter Hall 10:15-11:00 

The best way we have found to have meaningful, impactful, and faith-based conversations with youth, is in a small group. Youth thrive in a small group setting because it creates more accountability, your group wants you to be there, it encourages the community aspect of small groups being a safe place to grow, and it forms a new group for your youth to be able to rely on. Misfit Mornings consist of 3 groups, 7th & 8th, 9th & 10th, and 11th & 12th, meeting in 3 different rooms. Each group will have mentors that will meet with them every Sunday morning and guide them through conversations. Every week each group will have an opening prayer, a reminder that this group is a safe space, a bible verse or passage of the week, a discussion about where they saw God this week, a recent event to discuss, various faith-based activities, announcements, and a closing prayer. 

Sunday Night EYC – Fellowship time on Sunday Nights, 6:00-8:00 in Carpenter Hall which includes dinner! 

EYC stands for Episcopal Youth Community. On Sunday nights, our youth group has formation and uses this will be a time to focus on fellowship. Learning about each other in our own Episcopal Youth Community is important, so each assigned Sunday night we will get together as a group and have a good time. 7th-12th grade youth are all welcome during this time, unless distinguished otherwise. Parents, this is one easy way that you can help! We have dinner from 6:00-6:30 for every normal EYC night. You can sign up by emailing the Director of Youth Ministries, CPo, or our Meals Coordinator, Kelley Davis. This meal usually feeds 25-30 youth.  

Wednesday Night Live – Programming on Wednesday nights, 5:45-7:30. 

Wednesday Night Live (WNL) is our formation time on Wednesday nights, 7th-12th grade youth are welcome to join us! This year we will be exploring the program “The Way of Love” on Wednesday nights, having a different Way of Love to focus on for each month. On Wednesdays, we meet in the Parish hall and have dinner with the Parish (paid for on your own) from 5:45-6:20. We then head to Carpenter Hall from 6:30-7:30 to have our own youth program. We get to know each other, play games, and focus on how we can explore and apply our faith in everyday situations. We do participate in Parish Wide Events (and even lead some!), but if our schedule for Wednesday Night changes, look for our weekly email to indicate any changes. 

Biscuits and Bibles – Senior High Bible Study held once a week, 6:30-7:30am 

Biscuits and Bibles is a new offering for our youth at Saint Stephen’s! Starting in September, we will have a bible study for 9th-12th grade youth at Saint John’s, right across the street from Saint Stephen’s. Each meeting we will have some breakfast, get to know each other, and learn about specific books of the bible. While going at our own pace, we think that we can intentionally and lovingly share the word of the Lord to our knowledge seeking youth! We are still working with teachers to see which day of the week will be best, but this will be communicated once we decide.  

Diocesan Events like Happening, Awakenings, and more! 

Saint Stephen’s Youth love to support our Diocese and all the offerings given throughout the year. There are spiritual weekend retreats where youth can go through the weekend once and experience God’s love in a big way, and they can also serve as youth leaders on staff during these events. Happening is for 10th-12th grade youth, and Awakenings is for 7th-8th grade youth with High schoolers who can serve as staff. Our Diocese also has several events throughout the year for Middle school and High school aged youth. To learn more about the upcoming events for this year with the Diocese of Alabama, visit their website and find the Youth Ministries page! 

Big Events for the 2018-2019 school year 

Our Youth program has a lot to offer, and there are several dates that you and your family need to put on your calendar! Be a part of our weekly email to find out more information, but our weekly offerings are happening all the time. If you have any questions about an event or questions about anything with our Youth Group, please contact our Director of Youth Ministries, Catherine “CPo” Poellnitz

Saint Stephen's College Students

College Ministry

College age young adults get together for a special Christmas lunch every year at Macaroni Grill! We also meet sometime in the spring once classes are finished. 

Are there opportunities to participate in outreach as a college age person?    YES!
You can volunteer with the Interfaith Outreach reading project on Saturday mornings, be on staff at Special Session or Sawyerville, or you can help out with youth events once you have been out of high school for at least a year.

At Saint Stephen's we value...

Compassion - We care deeply for all youth in our program and respect their differences and opinions, hoping they will embrace this practice in their everyday lives;  Trust - We create an environment where youth can speak freely and with confidence, encouraging one another throughout life;  Authenticity - We minister in such a way that youth can be themselves with each other and our leaders;  Honesty - We practice truthful and open discussions about life and faith;  Acceptance - We seek to embrace all people and respect their differences;  Love - We strive to live by Jesus’ example.

Ways to Volunteer with Our Youth Group

We're always looking for regular help with our youth programs! Below are a few volunteer opportunities for things we need regularly. One way to help is to provide a meal one of our weekly EYC events. Another is for Transportation help to off-site EYC events. If you are interested, please contact Catherine Poellnitz.

  • EYC or Misfits Volunteer

  • EYC Transportation Provider

  • EYC Meals Provider