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God at Eye Level


Our class will use the book written by Jan Phillips, "God Is at Eye Level, Photography as a Healing ART".

If you do not have Jan's book yet, CJ has several copies you can get from her, but it is not necessary for this first class. Remember, you do not need expensive camera gear for this class. All you need is a SMART PHONE. Also, you may want to look through photos you have shot in the past. Send or bring no more than five images each for class. You can email, put on a jump drive, or make some prints of your images to share with our class. This class is about sharing our moments, our joys and passion, about the love of God's creation.

If you have any questions, please email CJ or Van. After the 10:15 service and a little coffee hour, we will meet in Room 228 at 11:30. Bring your coffee and donuts so we can get started promptly.


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Later Event: July 17