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Young Adult Bible Study

Are you between the ages of 22-32 and looking for a community to study Holy Scripture with? Join us every Wednesday Night in the Terrace Room (Halfway between the parish hall and the Church) from 7:05pm to 8:15pm with a group that is committed to growing and learning together. Each group has two guiding principles:

Two Guiding Principles

1)     The Bible is not a history book or even a book of instructions for how to live a faithful life.  Instead Holy Scripture is a way of engaging in the living God.  Through a practice of reflection on Scripture, we encounter God.

2)     God revealed God’s self in the Incarnation.  Simply put, God became human.  In the Gospel’s after the resurrection, people encountered Jesus in relationships with ordinary people.  We gather to build friendships to journey with because it is through relationships that we also engage the living God.