SSE Lee County Home Rebuild Challenge!

Saint Stephen’s challenges it’s member to donate time

to match dollars for Lee County home re-build challenge.

On the second Monday of the month, our Outreach committee meets at 6:30pm in Room 228 (you are always welcome to join).  It is an open meeting, but usually consists of the chairs of different outreach ministries and a few others.  The group reports updates about each of the programs that Saint Stephen’s is involved in and sometimes decisions are made about the resources entrusted to the committee. Each year, the committee gives out grants to numerous organizations.  In 2019, we awarded the same amount in grants as in 2018 but also reserved funds to help support larger projects in the community with the idea that we could use those funds to help the church engage with mission and service. 

You might also recall a blog post from our Deacon CJ about a home build in Lee County where the Episcopal Church is preparing to rebuild the home of a family that lost a child in the devastating tornados that hit just outside Auburn a few months ago.  The outreach committee felt strongly that we should do something bold and voted to support the home with a gift of up to $10,000 of the $50,000 total to build a home. And then they came up with a catch. 


For the outreach committee to support this effort, the group felt strongly that it should be matched with volunteer time from our community.   

The home build will take 2 weeks from September 30 – October 11.  

For every day a parishioner from Saint Stephen’s volunteers on the build, the church will match that day of service with a gift of $250. Your volunteer time will not only help rebuild a home but will be matched with a financial gift from our Church. I want you to help Saint Stephen’s build a home and commit to a $10,000 gift.  

All you have to do is sign up through this link. There is free lodging and food at one of the local churches or discounted rates at a hotel, and I am hoping we have enough people that we can have some large caravans on different days and a good old Saint Stephen’s family build.  If you love to drive, the trip, a down and back can be done in a day. If you have questions, please reach out to Rob Gellings at  Let’s work together to make this world a more beautiful place.



John Burruss