Staff Update: Letters from Rev. John and Rev. Jamie


A Letter from the Rev. John B. Burruss 


June 15, 2019

Dear Saint Stephen's Community,

It is with a mixture of feelings I write to share with you that the Rev. Jamie McAdams has accepted a call to be the next Rector of St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church in Indian Springs. It is a mixture of feelings because I treasure Jamie's wisdom and presence here in our community. Since we first spoke about a month before moving to Alabama, Jamie has been a solid sounding board and gift to my own ministry. When he moved back to Saint Stephen's, he brought a true calming presence to our community, years of relationships with many in our midst, and solid leadership as our church community healed and grew. Our church home is a welcoming place to so many because of Jamie, his leadership, his humor, his thoughtful and engaging preaching, his commitment to teaching, and his love of pastoral care.     

It seems especially fitting Jamie has accepted a call to Saint Francis, one of the five active churches in the Diocese of Alabama started by Saint Stephen's. When the Diocese of Alabama was actively planting churches, many of the Associate Rectors of Saint Stephen's were intentionally called here to then go and launch new communities. Jamie is continuing a beautiful legacy of sharing the Kingdom of God as proclaimed at Saint Stephen's in a world hungry for a vision of Christ's love breaking through in our world. Jamie continues the legacies of the Rev. Taylor Wingo who was at Saint Stephen's when he started St. Francis and the Rev. Rebecca Debow who was raised up here and upon ordination served as Rector of St. Francis for many years. And I am reminded one of the beautiful gifts of our Church is to build up the larger kingdom of God, and to think outside ourselves. I am grateful to God that Jamie will continue to grow the church and the kingdom and be able to take the gifts he has cultivated and brought here and share those with the larger Church. 

Jamie's last Sunday will be July 28th and we will have a reception following the 10:15am service to celebrate and give thanks for Jamie and his family's last two years with us. I have begun working with our vestry and wardens, Jimmy Gauld and Thomas Perrine, to come up with a plan for immediate clergy coverage and our long-term plan for clergy at Saint Stephen's. I will share more when there are some concrete steps in place. Please join me in congratulating Jamie on his call and please hold Jamie, Kim, Erin, Graham, and Julia in your prayers during this time of transition. 


The Rev. John B. Burruss


A Letter from the Rev. Jamie McAdams


June 15, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

It's time to expand the wings that you all have so lovingly given me over the last couple of years. To say they have been a whirlwind, is an understatement. Although I wouldn't have it any other way. Who wants boredom? Now it is time for me to fly!

I will be flying up the road to be the Rector at Saint Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church in Indian Springs. You people here are so set you don't even know it. John has already begun to launch you into absolute and great ministry! I have no doubt I'll be reading about all the fine things you have done and are doing in this neighborhood, in the Diocese, and indeed in the world.

I do not take this decision lightly, it is time. The two years came fast! I have not been asked to leave and I would have been welcomed to stay. But you don't need a foot in the past and one in the future or you will fall in the lake. A foot in the boat and one on the pier, is no good at all unless you know when to jump. So jump we will! Into God's grace, love, plan, and into the never-ending show of life. As a part of the Episcopal family and just a few miles away, we will continue to cross paths and be connected. And you are always welcome in our home. Maybe we can even have lunch, just give me a call!

You are in great hands and have a champion Rector of whom I am his biggest fan. Their family is the real deal. I could not have asked for a better answer to prayers. All of you will grow up together and give a light to bright to glimpse in this dark and hurting word. My last Sunday will be July 28th. There is a certain symmetry to it. We look forward to our time together these next weeks.

Lastly, I want to express how grateful I am for the grace you have shown me and our family. Kim, Graham, Julia, Erin and I cannot thank all of you enough. We never thought we would have a chance to come back this way. You have helped healed us and we hope we have helped to heal you too. And please know this no matter what I will always love you.

Yours in Christ,

The Rev. James L. McAdams (Jamie) +

Stasi Bara