Maggie Widman - New Nursery Director


The Children’s Ministry program is thrilled to announce that Maggie Widman will be the new Nursery Director at Saint Stephen’s. Maggie grew up in Birmingham and completed her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education at The University of Alabama in May of 2014.  Following graduation, she was hired at Vestavia Hills Elementary West as an instructional aide.  The next year, she was hired as a second grade teacher and has been teaching second grade since 2015.  In 2017, she earned her master's degree in Elementary Education from the University of West Alabama.  This year she was selected as West's teacher of the year.  Maggie says she absolutely loves working with and facilitating the emotional and intellectual growth of children. 

Maggie and her husband, Taylor were married in July 2017, and they have been attending Saint Stephen’s since October 2018. Maggie was confirmed at Saint Stephen’s this past November.  Maggie and Taylor have loved being a part of the Young Adults Bible study and look forward to getting involved in the church in other ways too.  Though they are new to St. Stephen's, they already feel right at home!

We would like to thank Holly Nesmith for her work as the interim Nursery Director. She has done a wonderful job during this transition time!

John Burruss