Simply Prayer

Simply Prayer is open to anyone in the parish who desires to come together as a group and pray the names aloud on our Parish Prayer list. The purpose of Simply Prayer is “simple” come together as members of the Body of Christ to pray for one another. Those who attend are not given the purpose of the prayer...only the names on the list. Simply Prayer gathers twice a week in the church. We meet on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30 AM. There are no administrative duties except that of signing a card for those for whom we have prayed and sending them in the mail each week, 25-35 cards a month. Again, all are welcome, please consider joining us!

The following is a portion of the inside of a note card sent to those who are being prayed for:

“You are being held in our prayers, and ….we have gathered at the church to offer prayers in your name and to remember you.”