Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is a practice of prayer that is simple, restful and easy to understand. The length of time recommended is 20 minutes. It is a silent prayer, practiced individually and/or in a group.

Day session: Weds 10am Carpenter Hall, Room 51 (1stWednesday session meets at 10am at Kirkwood by the River Retirement Village)

Night Session: Tues 5:30-6pm in the Chapel 

Centering prayer comes out of the Christian Tradition. It is drawn directly from THE CLOUD OF UNKNOWING, written by an anonymous 14th century author as well as writings by St. John of the Cross. In the early 1980’s centering prayer was rediscovered and formatted to be used by lay people. Father William Meninger, Father Thomas Keating & Basil Pennington as well as other lay persons are responsible for the present-day, world-wide connection of Centering Prayer through Contemplative Outreach.

For more information, contact: Louise Meredith at 205-970-1892 or or visit the Contemplative Outreach of Birmingham website HERE.