7th and 8th Graders

Welcome to Saint Stephen’s Jr. High Youth Ministries!

The Saint Stephen's Junior High Youth Ministries is for 7th - 8th grade youth, and we have young people from over 10 different schools in Birmingham. We combine with our senior high most of the time, but our junior high group is a part of our Rite 13 Sunday school program. We enjoy learning about ourselves, our peers, and our God, diving into group activities, and planning our own outreach event. We'd love for you to join us!

Our Sunday School focuses on our Rite 13 curriculum which can be found in the link below. Throughout this school year, we will touch on the key components of our Baptismal COvenant.  In the context of our Christian community, we will discover more about who we are, celebrate our gifts, encourage creative energy, and explore the thoughts and disciplines that allow individuals like ourselves to effect change in the world.  Rite 13 is taught by Aaron Kuntz, Mary Yancey, and our youth ministers also rotate to teach.

EYC stands for “Episcopal Youth Community,” and our EYC times on Sunday afternoons and evenings are usually focused on fun, fellowship, and food!

Our Wednesday night programming is called “Misfits,” and is for all 7th-12th graders. We call it Misfits because our lessons and activities focus on finding Christ in places you wouldn’t normally expect to. Check us out after Wednesday night parish dinners, 6:30-7:30 upstairs in Carpenter Hall.

Our youth space is upstairs in Carpenter Hall, room 51. Here are our regular weekly meeting times:

  • Sunday mornings for Christian Formation, 10:15 am -11:05 am, on the Rite 13 curriculum from Journey to Adulthood. Follow this link for more information about Rite 13.
  • Sunday evenings for EYC, 6-8pm, beginning with supper in the upstairs kitchen of Carpenter Hall.  Sometimes, instead of meeting from 6-8pm for EYC, we do something different, such as field games with other area EYC’s, paintball, or outreach. Monthly details are available here, so please check it out to make sure you know about when and where to find us.
  • Wednesday night Misfits, beginning with parish dinner from 5:45 - 6:30 pm in the parish hall of the main building, and then Misfits grades 7th-12th, upstairs in Carpenter Hall.

Come and join us for fellowship, formation, food and fun!

For more information, please contact Catherine Poellnitz or Daniel McCarley at or

Our 2017-2018 Calendar can be found HERE  

Saint Stephen's Youth Mission Statement

The Youth Ministry at Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church accepts, serves, and encourages youth of all different perspectives helping them to do Christ's work in the world by becoming their true selves.

Saint Stephen's Youth Values

Compassion - We care deeply for all youth in our program and respect their differences and opinions, hoping they will embarce this practice in their everyday lives. Trust - We create an environment where youth can speak freely and with confidence, encouraging one another throughout life. Authenticity - We minister in such a way that youth can be themselves with each other and our leaders. Honesty - We practice truthful and open discussions about life and faith. Acceptance - We seek to embrace all people and respect their differences. Love - We strive to live by Jesus' example.

Ways to Volunteer with Our Youth Group!

We're always looking for regular help with our youth programs! Below are a few volunteer opportunities for things we need regularly. One way is to provide a meal at weekly EYC events. Another is for Transportation help to off-site EYC events. Please contact one of our youth ministers for more information.

  1. EYC Transportation Provider
  2. EYC or Misfit Volunteer
  3. EYC Meals Provider

Here at Saint Stephen's in Birmingham, we're also blessed to be a part of a thriving diocesan youth community. For more information on upcoming Diocesan Youth Events, please visit the following link.